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Flowers & Gardening

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Anemone Mr. Fokker 15 Bulbs

Bright blue Poppy like blooms, Blue anemone are some of the showiest flowers in the early summer garden. Soak the bulbs in tepid water for about 12 hours before planting to promote sprouting. Grows 8-10 inches tall.
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Hanging Cherry Tomato Kit

No garden needed. Our Babylon Bag turns any sunny wall or fence into a place to grow tomatoes. The lush, hanging foliage is decorative through summer, and then you harvest ripe cherry tomatoes for salads or snacking. Kit includes an 8-1/2" by 21-1/2" reusable poly bag with nylon hanging rope, a packet of seeds, and complete planting and care instructions.
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Jalapeno Pepper Hanging Garden

No garden needed. Our vertical garden turns any sunny wall or fence into a place to grow fresh Jalapeno Peppers. The lush, hanging foliage is decorative through summer and then you harvest them to use in nachos, stuffed, pickled and in poppers. Kit includes 8 1/2" by 21 1/2" reusable poly bag with nylon hanging rope, a packet of seeds, and complete planting and care instructions.
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Mixed Crocus 20 Bulbs

For early spring color, plant this mixed assortment of bulbs. The vibrant colors make a brilliant garden splash planted all together or separated into smaller, eye catching clusters. Grows 4-6 inches tall.
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Mixed Daffodils 3 bulbs

Celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring with bright and cheerful mixed daffodils. Ideal for naturalizing or in small groups. The premium bulbs in this mix will multiply rapidly for countless seasons of enjoyment.
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Mixed Hyacinths 3 Bulbs

Enjoy the delightful fragrance, the vibrant colors and the amazing vigor of the hyacinth collection. These winter hardy bulbs flower reliably on sturdy stems a foot tall, whether planted in full sun or partial shade. Grows 8-12 inches tall.
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Organic "Italian Oregano" Saddlebag

Italian Oregano is often called "the pizza herb" for its distinct hearty flavor that pairs so well with tomatoes.
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Organic Vertical Garden "Large Leaf Basil"

Italian foods of all sorts get a boost from this zesty herb. Make fresh for bruschetta or clip off some leaves for fresh mozzarella and tomato snacks. Easy to grow for harvest all year long.
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Organic Vertical Garden "Sweet Bell Pepper" Saddlebag

Just add water and give them a spot in the sun. They will produce a steady supply of fresh delicious peppers throughout the summer. Includes re-usable saddlebag.
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Paperwhite Narcissus

Just plant the bulbs, water, and in only 4 to 6 weeks, you'll have a delightfully scented indoor garden. Vases not included. 3 Bulbs
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Sky Blue Lily 10 Bulbs

Elegant sprays of stunning blue grace the late spring garden a delightful accent planting of beautiful color contrast. Sturdy stems over a foot tall.
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Spring Rock Garden Collection 60 Bulbs

Mound some soil embed a few rocks in it, tuck these little charmers into the spaces between them and enjoy a delightful spring rock garden. Anemone Blanda Mix, Scilla Siberica, Glory of the Snow, and dwarf Iris Reticulata mix give you a medley of colors and flower forms that last from early to late spring. 60 bulbs in all. All naturalize readily to come back spring after spring. Grows 6-8 inches tall.
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